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Metro Careers was established in 2018 by Metro Group Companies (Head-Quarters in Nagasaki, Japan).
Our aim is to bridge the gap between "Job Seekers" and various Employing Companies.

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"Metro Group" is composed of the following Companies. "Metro Computer Service Co., Ltd." which handles software development, "Kawasaki Kosan Co., Ltd. (Metro Bookstore)" handles sales of books, and "Metro human resources center" handling staffing businesses.


Metro Group established Metro computer Myanmar (IT company) in Yangon Myanmar, in accordance to globalization within recent years. Myanmar IT engineers are now currently working in cooperation with Japanese engineers and staff in Metro Computer Myanmar.


Metro IT & Japanese Language Centre was established in 2015 and aims to train globally certified Human Resources. We provide standardized global education and our own independent curricurum together with the world's latest facilities and technology.

Greetings from our Board Members!
U Minn Thu Kha

Principle of MIC

It is now the "Technology era" and what that means is that, wherever we are, we employ some kind of technology to effectively improve our daily work. And most will agree that, Technology usually means "Computer Technology". Just by employing an handfull of "skilled computer technicians", it would prove "advantageous" for any work place or company. With that said, our "Metro IT & Japanese Language Centre" is all about producing the "next generation" of future System Creators! "Myanmar Youths" who have successfully finished our "System Creator Course" within 2 years are guaranteed skillful "IT employees". In just a short span of time, students will be able to obtain a "Diploma" awarded by our "Metro IT Business College" in Nagasaki Japan. After obtaining this Diploma, students not only have passed the "ITPEC examinations" accepted by "8 asean countries" but also will be skilled in "Japanese". May our IT technicians from Myanmar, "products" of Metro IT & Japanese Language Centre, contribute to develop your company's "vision and aims"!

U Kyaw Soe

U Kyaw Soe
Vice-Principle of MIC

Nowadays, job opportunities from "Japanese" investing business firms have been increasing at a very "high" rate since there are shortages of "skilled IT employees" for these businesses. Metro Careers aims to help enthusiastic "Myanmar Youths" to gain "IT skill of international standards" in order to work together with "foreign experts" and "latest technology". Come and join "Metro Careers" to get a chance of a brighter future. "Impressive salaries" that fully compensates your "skillsets and qualifications" is guaranteed!
Mr. Yoshio Isozaki

Mr. Yoshio Isozaki
Metro Careers Representative

I have been working for over "40 years" in Japan's "Corporate Culture" and last year, in 2016, I came to Myanmar to work for "Metro Careers". For me it was a dream come true. It is a fact that "cooperative relations" between "Myanmar and Japan" will be in high momentum and the "sphere of economic growth" and "culture exchanges" will grow bigger year after year. We at Metro Careers strongly believe that we will provide a "vital role" in supporting enthusiastic Myanmar Youths and furthering advances in "Myanmar's future economic developments"!




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