Strengths of Metro Careers' Human Resources!

Certified IT Personnel

Our Human resources are youths who have aquired IP, FE or AP Examination certificates conducted by ITPEC Japan which are highly regarded in 8 Asian Countries.

Proficient in Japanese

Our Human resources have JLPT or NAT qualifications and on top of that understands polite greetings, Japanese culture and even Business manners!

Fresh Graduates

Majority of our Human Resources are young, averaging around 20 years, and are highly motivated youths! They can adapt and learn anything in a very short span of time.

OJT/ Project

Our Human resources have experience writing software, doing real world projects as a team and also proficient in Presentation Skills.


Our Human Resources are punctual and can perform given duties carefully! They are trained for work!

Great Teamwork Performance

Our Human resources are able to work on projects as an team effectively and efficiently.


Let us help choose our best employees for your company!

1.Contact Us

First, contact us by inquiring by phone, email and from our website Contact Us page!


In order to find the perfect match for your needs, our representative will meet to discuss in details such as required qualifications.


After we come to an agreement, we will make plans for you to meet and personally interview the most suitable employees for your company's requirements.

4.Multiple Interviews

If the first interview wasn't to your satisfication, we will make additional plans for more suitable employee interviews until it meets your company's needs.

5.Negotiation of Contracts

Our representative will meet and negotiate all contracts with the employees that your company have chosen.

6.Take part in our Job Fairs!

Please be sure to participate in our Metro Careers Job Fair in order to personally choose from our best human resources by interviewing them in person.

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